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Web & mobile ui tutorials (photoshop & illustrator)


Photoshop can be used for many purposes and one of the most common uses is for designing web and mobile User Interfaces (UI). Here are some tutorials that will teach you how to design complete sites and various site elements mainly in Photoshop, and also a couple making use of Illustrator. First we’ll start with separate UI elements, such as price tables, drop down menus, sliders, audio players, etc. and then we’ll move on to designing complete sites.

Create a Price Range Filter


This tutorial uses Illustrator to create a price range filter. There are only 18 steps to follow and the tutorial itself is pretty straightforward and simple, so if you are intermediate in Illustrator, don’t be afraid to try it.

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Create an Amplifier Interface


Creating an amplifier interface might look like rocket science even to designers with some experience, but this tutorial explains it so well that it actually looks like a piece of cake. The interface has all controls, buttons, bars, sparkles, gradients, etc. and the best part is that it starts from scratch – i.e. you won’t need any third-party stuff with unclear rights, you design everything that you need.

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Simple Contact Form in Adobe Photoshop


While in many cases (i.e. when you use the same template for all your site pages) you can go without creating a separate contact form, if you want to have such a form, you can create its layout in Photoshop. There are multiple way to do it and one of them is described in detail in this tutorial. The tasks to perform are simple, so even if you are a beginner, you can do it.

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Create a Simple Audio Player Bar in Illustrator


I know audio players are hardly the most commonly used UI element but since the player in this tutorial looks awesome, I included it in this list. This tutorial uses Illustrator – you could do a similar player in Photoshop or any other design program, but with Illustrator it’s much easier. If you are not familiar with pixel perfect vector shape building techniques, you will have the chance to learn about them in this tutorial.

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Create an Administrator Dashboard Interface


I bet most designers might never have to design an admin dashboard interface but if you do, here is a great tutorial that teaches you step by step how to do it. Similarly to the previous tutorial, it doesn’t start from scratch but uses third party resources. You can bypass this and use only your own stuff but this will drastically increase the time you need to design the interface.

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Design a Business Web Layout


Business sites are among the most common type of sites and even though there are thousands of free templates you can use as a foundation, if you want to design a business layout from scratch, you might want to check this tutorial.

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Vintage Portfolio Layout Using Photoshop


If you want to combine a vintage style with your portfolio, then this tutorial is for you. The design is especially good if your portfolio consists of images, videos, and other kinds of graphics because the design is centered around them. The design is clean and minimalistic and if your Photoshop skills are intermediate or better, you won’t have problems recreating it.

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Make a Beautiful Landing Page with Photoshop


This is one more landing page tutorial. It isn’t as minimalistic as the first one but still you wouldn’t call it cluttered. I personally don’t like the large header, but since tastes differ, I am sure many people will love this detail, or you can replace it with a smaller image – this doesn’t change the essence of the tutorial.

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Simple and Professional Looking Financial Website Layout


Financial sites are considered to be serious and boring, but doesn’t have to be so. The financial site design in this tutorial is simple, stylish, and anything but boring. To complete it, you will need not only plenty time and intermediate Photoshop skills, but also a bunch of images, icons, and gradients, so maybe it’s best if you prepare them before you start.

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