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Two Simple Things to Consider Before We Buy a New Smartphone

Many users purchase smartphones without a consideration on longevity. They use these mobile gadgets less than two years and then leave them almost forgotten in their drawer.

Two Simple Things to Consider Before We Buy a New Smartphone

Here are things to consider before we purchase a smartphone:

Choose a good carrier

Consumers should get the most out of their smartphone by staying away from the regular 2-year contract agreement. Initially, such a plan may seem to provide great discount on expensive, high-end smartphone models.

But in reality, the cost of device is baked into our monthly bills. Even after we are done paying off the phone, our monthly rate won’t go down. It means, we keep paying for the phone, although we already pay it off. The carrier will also advise to upgrade the phone, although we don’t really need a new device.

Overall, we are better off choosing a no-contract model, especially if we can pay for the cell service and the smartphone separately. If possible, we should be able to bring our own handset to the mobile service. AT&T and T-mobile typically offer great deals for such plan, but we could also find competitive deals with smaller non-contract carriers.

Choose a reliable smartphone

There are many alternatives available in the market and many people believe that they are better off going with the Apple iPhone. An iPhone typically has a good resale value than most Android smartphone models.

Lower-end Android smartphones are ideal for users who prefer more basic usability, such as voice call, web browsing and texting. Unfortunately, new iPhone models are typically prohibitively expensive in many countries, such as Brazil, India and China. A budget Android smartphone may not be as valuable as even used iPhone, but it still can do plenty of things.

Before choosing a new smartphone models, many of us want to get rid of our older device. There are a couple of ways to do this. We can either directly sell it to a buyer or trade the phone through specific services, such as the Gazelle.

The former typically yields better prices, but can be a hassle. The latter is faster and easier, but often gives us less money. eBay is an ideal online marketplace to sell our old smartphones. However, figuring out shipping issues and resolving possible disputes with new users are often a huge pain.

Glyde is an eBay alternative and it appeals to some users as it streamlines the buying and selling process. Handling disputes are much easier and it offers pre-stamped packaging. The website also provides a handy guide to show us how much we will get from our device.

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