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Things to avoid when you start your SEO

You pass through agency SEO or you choose to list your site for yourself by relying on the many guides in rows and advice provided in specialized forums, it is essential that you know a perfect number of key bases in terms of SEO.

Things to avoid when you start your SEO

Thus, you can work more efficiently with the referrer in charge of your site (without the risk of you having an amateur …) and you avoid falling into the common pitfalls if you make yourself the SEO of your site.

There is, you guessed it, a great number of things to do when an SEO campaign is started, but there are a number of things that need to be avoided and is what we will develop in this article.

Wait too long before you start to reference the site

The vast majority of webmasters are waiting far too long before performing the first search engine optimization actions on their websites. In fact, we often think; wrongly, that must wait until all the content is online, the design is fully completed and so on. before starting an SEO campaign.

This is a mistake because the first actions of optimizations should be performed as soon as possible so that the site is becoming known search engine from its earliest days of existence. This will help to position more rapidly thereafter.

Focus on highly competitive keywords

Do not focus first and foremost on keywords too competitive, especially if you are in the area in which the competition is tough. Try to target key phrases composed of two words instead of one, put yourself in the place of a potential visitor and ask yourself what it would seek to find what you offer.

For example imagine that your site is an online store offering shoes: it will be very difficult to move to the “shoes” query. At first try to focus on targeted phrases such as “buy shoes” or more specific on the form as “ankle boots,” for example.

Ignore the long tail

This so-called “long tail” are relatively long keyword phrases (composed of 5 or 6 words for example) and leading directly targeted visitors to your website internal pages.

Do not neglect these terms because it is quite simple to position themselves above, and they will allow you to get some visitors “quality” looking exactly what you offer on the relevant page. Furthermore, although they are much less research, if you place it on many long tail phrases you can significantly improve your traffic.

Offer content duplicate

Do not recopy the content that you find on other sites! It may seem obvious but yet reality shows countless texts composed entirely duplicated dozens or even hundreds of times sites. However, this is strongly penalized by the search engines and especially Google since the last update its algorithm.

Do not try to fill your site with pages and pages of text but rather write yourself some quality text: your site will get much better, and you’ll see it will be positioned more easily in search results.

Place external links on your pages poor

This rule priori obvious is never repeated too: do not place on your site all types of links that can be harmful to him. By poor quality links, I mention including links to pornographic sites, links to sites of casino / poker, etc. but also links to sites under construction or whose content is essentially duplicated.

These few basic rules on SEO will help your site from a good foundation to climb in the results of search engines. However, never forget that the work and patience are the 2 main keys to a winning SEO campaign!

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