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Ten Ways Users Can Save Money With Smartphone

Smartphone can be an ideal tool to save money, although this may sound counterintuitive to users who are often troubled with huge smartphone bills.

Ten Ways Users Can Save Money With Smartphone

Here are things users can do to save more money:

1. Use smartphones to replace cameras: Instead of using dedicated video recording equipments and camera, it is financially makes more sense to get smartphones with decent photography solution. High-end devices can record content in high definition and they are often advanced enough to perform well in low-light settings.

2. Use smartphones as entertainment tools: Phablets with at least 6-inch display can double as reliable media devices. The iPhone 5S with its 4-inch display is typically too small to work as a primary media device, but larger devices such as Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 are a different story. They are not as bulky as 7-inch tablets, but can still display TV shows and films properly. To further reduce entertainment spending, users can subscribe to services such as Hulu and Netflix.

3. Use smartphones as mobile gaming platform: A typical console system can costs us a few hundred dollars and for users who typically play casual games, smartphone can save them big dollars. Many mid-tier smartphone models already sport advanced hardware and users can play 3D-intensive games without much drop in performance or graphics. It is also much cheaper to purchase ports of console games than buying actual hard copies. It’s true that playing on the touchscreen display is somewhat challenging, but the amount of money users save can be significant.

4. Use price comparison app: Users of iOS and Android devices may download app comparison apps to assess best deals available. Google Shopper, Barcode Scanner and other similar apps could offer users the opportunity to make sure that they won’t pay excessively for specific products.

5. Use home phone more: Cutting our landline isn’t always a good idea. Many users have dropped their landlines and choose cell phone instead. As smartphone adoption increases, we will still continue to see this trend. By using home phone more, it is possible to save up to $30 each month. Often, having a couple of smartphone isn’t a luxury worth paying for.

6. Don’t use mobile network: This may sound like a somewhat radical solution, but it is possible to make phone calls without a mobile network. As long as there’s a WiFi connection nearby, users can make phone calls. By installing phone call apps, such as Pinger or MagicJack, we could eliminate the use of cellular service. This solution is only practical when users are always within the coverage of reliable WiFi hotspots.

7. Connect the web with smartphones: Smartphones can be a functional replacement for those with reliable access to broadband connection. Users can sign up for mobile hotspot access and set up an access point for multiple mobile devices. But there’s a drawback to this solution. Most cellular providers cap usages of shared mobile data plan, typically 10GB or less. Larger packages may cost much more money.

8. Use coupon apps: Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store offer multiple coupon apps. Users can get amazing discounts as high as 50 percent. It is a good ide to choose geo-targeted apps, which can alert relevant users about the latest deals in the area. Many major retailers offer specific coupon apps to provide users with the opportunity to secure great bargains.

9. Use gas price apps: Gas prices often fluctuate randomly and it would save money over time if users could quickly locate areas with the lowest gas price. Some iPhone and Android apps come with this functionality.

10. Use financial apps: Mint and other similar apps can help users to manage household finances and track money effectively. While using this kind of app won’t save us money outright, we could eventually make better and more informed financial decision, while avoiding any hidden pitfall.

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