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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 details leaked online

If you have been sitting around waiting to hear what is going to come with the brand new Galaxy Note 4 this year, you are part of a very large group. That group might have gotten a lot bigger this week and some details about the phablet device have been leaked online.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is supposed to be one of the hottest selling devices of the year and judging by the specs, it will certainly be putting up a great fight. The details that were leaked have to do with the camera and the display, which happen to be two of the most talked about specs on most mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 details leaked online

It has been a few weeks now, but the specs for the Galaxy Note 4 could not come soon enough as many consumers have been waiting around to see what the fourth generation is set to bring to the market this year.

The device is not set to start shipping until sometime this fall, but that is not keeping any of the specs from leaking out via the internet. According to one report posted online, the Galaxy Note 4 specs include the processor, display, mobile networks and the camera are all revealed.

The report suggests that the Galaxy Note 4 will be coming with a qHD display resolution

The specs might have been revealed but that does not mean that they are official as Samsung typically keeps things under wraps as long as possible. The Galaxy Note 4 reportedly comes with a the model number N910, which was leaked via Twitter several weeks ago.

The device is set to arrive at all five of the major mobile carriers here in the United States and in Canada as well. The device will be coming with a 32GB internal storage option, which is nice. International models will be available at carriers in Korea, Japan and China according to the report.

The report also suggests that the Galaxy Note 4 will be coming with a qHD display resolution which is going to be the new “1080p” HD. The processor that will be powering the device is expected to be one from Qualcomm and could even be the rumored Snapdragon 805, which will be one of the fastest on the market when it arrives.

The front side camera is expected to be a 2MP model, while the one on the backside of the device is going to be the rumored 16MP model with optical image stabilization from Sony.

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