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Most Popular CreativeVerse.com Tutorials & Resources From 2013

In case you missed something. Here is a collection of the best and most popular tutorials & resources from 2013. Enjoy !


Download Nice Responsive CSS3 HTML5 Menu

Very Nice CrossBrowser CSS3/HTML5 Horizontal Animation Menu…


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CSS3 Image Hovers For Download

Download free image hover styles ready to use or re-create for portfolio or any other project…


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10 Useful WordPress Function Tweaks

Either you want to accept shortcodes in your widgets, limit the excerpt characters without inserting “More” function in your post editor, count post views or display number of posts and many more tweaks, well, this is the right place for you 😀


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The Important White Space

The white space is probably one of the most important things in web design representing elegance, better readability and the most important it catches the eye 😀 .


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What Can you Do With FW and DW

This post is for those who are using Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Dreamweaver for Web Design and Web Graphic Design to save you time and typing CSS code.


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Some Useful CSS Snippets

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets, the best web designer friends 😀 . Yes, styles are very important language for us web designers giving us freedom to separate content from style and create some very amazing stuff with it. So here are some snippets that will help you achieve greater level of styling web sites…


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40 CSS3 & HTML5 DropDown Menus

OMG, im not going to elaborate this post as is sunday and i should rest from the pc a little bit 😀 . Anyway i decided to post this great and beautiful collection of HTML5 and CSS3 drop down for free to download, so jump right bellow and see whats there…


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Mastering CSS – Part 2

So here we are with another part of great CSS snippets collection, so you can achieve greater level of styling web sites or any other web content using CSS. These CSS snippets are important part of any design styling process whether is for professional or personal use.


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29 Practical WordPress Tweaks

WordPress is great and we all love it, but we cant always use the default settings. Sometimes we need this kind of tweaks to achieve even better with WordPress…


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HTML5 Collection Of Stuff You Need To Know

First of all you need to see what HTML5 features are ready to be used. You need to see what can you use with what, or use it with caution, or to avoid some of the HTML5 features. Lets see…


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14 WP functions to jump-start theme development

After a few years (or even months) of designing and developing WordPress themes, especially for clients, you start to realize that a lot of the functionality can be standardized or distilled down into a “starter theme or kit”. This helps get the development process started and moving along apace.


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Useful CSS Snippets Every Designer Should Have

With so many new trends advancing every year it can be difficult keeping up with the industry. Website designers and frontend developers have been deeply ingrained into the newer CSS3 properties, determining the ultimate browser support and quirky hacks. But there are also brilliant CSS2 code snippets which have been unrequited in comparison.


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Wrapping Content In Shapes With CSS3

Print media (as compared to web media) has a greater flexibility when it comes to content layout and display. Due to the way web content is structured, it’s quite tricky to put text into those unusual shape frames, like how the magazines do.


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Responsive CSS3 Drop Down Flat Menu

Very simple easy to customize responsive CSS3 Drop Down Flat Styled Menu free for download. Bellow are the CSS3 Style and HTML5 Structure of the menu in case you want to create it by your self and change the style along the way, if not, than simply download the menu. Remember you can use this menu for whatever you want as much as you want. If you want to give us a credit, thats fine, if you dont, thats fine too 😀 .


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Cool Multi Step CSS3 And JQuery Signup Form

I was browsing the web today and came across this excellent tutorial by Simone D’Amico on how to create a multi-step signup form using CSS3 and JQuery. Very useful tutorial for quick ( not boring ) signup form 😀 , you can use this method for building many other different forms.


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Little Guide To WordPress Security

Some basic stuff you need to do in order to secure WordPress. Now, you got plenty of other security stuff like plugins but, we will publish another post with more intermediate solutions. This is enough for you to keep you going.


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Working Random Post Button In WordPress

Very simple way to create a button that shows random post. It is nice to have a random post button on your website, it can generate more pageviews depends on what kind of website you have. Most useful for blogs.


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CSS3 Simple Stylish Animated Responsive Menu

We decided to create a simple unique CSS3 menu for free download. The menu has drop down support also but, it is disabled ( Commented Out ). You can remove comments in order the drop down menu to work. This is the code bellow 😀 …


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Pure CSS3 Responsive Social Media Flat Icons

The icons are maybe simple but they are very customizable, you can change both color back and icon background just with css, since we are using @font-face for the icons. If you are familiar with CSS3 and HTML you can add your own image icons also, the icons are responsive and animated. Enjoy…


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