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HTC rumored to be bringing the M9 to market

If you though the new HTC One and HTC One Prime was going to be the only two devices you see from the company this year that would put you in a group with the rest of the country. If you are expecting to see some more of the most popular devices coming to market this year, you should be ready for another from HTC according to at least one online source. Smartphones, phablets and tablets are coming along at such a rapid pace these days it is hard to keep up with the new technology.

HTC rumored to be bringing the M9 to market

HTC had a hit last year with the original HTC One and this year wanted to upgrade the device with the HTC One M8 model. That device is on the market and has been quite popular since it has been ready to ship, but now it looks like HTC could be bringing another smartphone the market that could take on the iPhone 6 from Apple and the Galaxy S6 from Samsung.

HTC got a jump start on sales when it released the M8 before the Galaxy S5, the LG G3 and whatever Motorola brings at some point. Typically, HTC did not release a device that early in the year, but that seemed to help them out in the sales department.

Apple is expected to be releasing the iPhone 6 at some point this year and Samsung will be bringing the Galaxy Note 4 to the market as well, so HTC has a lot to think about if they want to stay ahead of the game. With that being said, it looks like HTC could be thinking about 2015 already with the HTC One M9 model.

The HTC One M9 Prime could be on the market in the early part of next year and that would come with an upgraded HTC One M9 model before the end of the year. The HTC One M8 Prime was rumored only a few weeks ago, but this week a well known leaker confirmed that HTC would not be bringing that Prime model to the market this year at all.

Because the model is not expected this year, it would be expected that HTC brings a brand new model to the market at some point next year. The company would have to do so in order to keep up with demand from those that are not going to buy the Samsung, Apple or LG smartphones.

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