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Eight Things Apple Should Do to Beat Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung introduced a couple of Galaxy Tab S models, one with 10.5-inch display and another with 8.4-inch display.

Eight Things Apple Should Do to Beat Samsung Galaxy Tab S

They are available in WiFi-only and LTE-capable variants. The smaller 8.4-inch model is cheaper starting from $399, while the 10.5-inch model starts from $499.

These models pack impressive hardware specifications and killer features, which could give any high-end tablet model, including the iPad Air, a run for its money. For quite some time now, the Apple lineup has ruled the tablet market.

Some have argued that the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S have beaten the ubiquitous Apple iPad in some areas.

Here are eight things Apple should add on its upcoming iPad models to solidify its domination in the tablet market:

1. Display with better color reproduction and contrast ratio: Samsung’s latest tablets have the much-appreciated Super-AMOLED display, which offers sharp and rich colors. The Galaxy Tab S comes with Super-AMOLED (2560 x 1600) WQXGA display with striking 100,000:1 contrast ratio. As comparison, the iPad Air could only offer 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Apple should ensure that the iPad Air 2 could deliver better color reproduction and contrast ratio.

2. Offer 128GB iPad Air 2 Variant: Like many Android tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S comes with built-in microSD slot, which supports up to 128GB of memory card. Apple doesn’t allow users to add third-party memory cards, so it can improve profit margin by offering higher internal storage. The current iPad Air is available in 128GB version and the upcoming iPad Air 2 should include similar storage option.

3. More system memory: The Apple iPad Air has 1GB of RAM, while Samsung’s latest high-end tablets comes with a whopping 3GB. The iPad Air 2 should have at least 2GB of RAM to ensure better multitasking capability.

4. Better multitasking options: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a more ideal multitasking platform with its proprietary split-screen Multi Windows option that allows us to simultaneously operate a couple of apps on the screen.

5. Better camera: Although Apple arguably has better camera solutions; it still lags behind in the megapixel war. The Tab S boasts an 8Mp rear-facing camera, while the iPad Air has 5Mp primary camera.

6. TouchID scanner: The Tab S comes with a built-in fingerprint scanner for user verification purposes. The iPad Air 2 should include an improved version of TouchID scanner.

7. Better integration with iPhone 5/5S/6: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S could pair effectively with Galaxy S5 smartphone with the SideSync 3.0. The feature uses direct WiFi connection to send or receive text messages and phone calls.

8. Battery-saving features: The Tab S has the Ultra Power Saving Mode that switches the display to black & white mode when battery level reaches certain percentage.

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