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Creating Touch-Enabled Slider With SwipeJS And JQuery

Image/Content Slider is one of the common components we find in a website. It is quite simple to create one with...
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How to Create a File Encryption App with JavaScript

Security and privacy are hot topics at the moment. This is an opportunity for us to take an introspective look into...
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CSS3 Navigation with Notification Badges

Navigation menus are a vital part of today’s websites and designs. Without them functioning correctly, visitors would be lost and our...
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Create a slide-out footer

In this short tutorial, we are going to create an interesting slide-out footer with a bit of CSS. The Idea The...
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Flexible google-style loader with css

So, for a while I had noticed the nice sutble loader Google apps use and I was wondering if it would...
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Valuable tutorials for web designers

Designers always need to be on top of their game to deliver great projects. From keeping an eye on everything that...
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