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jQuery Carousel Slider Plugin with CSS3 Transitions

A really simple and lightweight jQuery carousel plugin that provides the basic functionalities of a carousel slider like infinite loop scroll,...
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Create a Ticking Intro Animation

Flat design allows us designers and developers to be able to focus on content and typography instead of spending our time...
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DOT Navigation

Today we’d like to share some subtle effects and styles for simple dot navigation with you. These styles could, for example,...
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Create a Awesome 3D Gallery with jQuery

Flipping Gallery, is focused on ease of use and experimentation so you will be able to customize this plugin to your...
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CSS3 Vertical Menu with Hover Effect

Today we bring you a sweet pure css3 menu with a hover effect. We hope you enjoy! HTML CSS Demo Source:...
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Responsive & Multi-Functional jQuery Slider Plugin

slider.js is a robust and efficient jQuery slider solution to create responsive, flexible, highly customizable and mobile-friendly content sliders, slideshows, galleries,...
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