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Wrapping Content In Shapes With CSS3

Print media (as compared to web media) has a greater flexibility when it comes to content layout and display. Due to...
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Best Free Hot Flat Icon Sets

We love to gather useful freebies to spice up your design library. So today we will present you with some really...
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Drag And Drop With JQuery UI Sortable

This useful plugin will enable a group of DOM to be sortable, meaning that we are able to move the object...
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Ultimate Resources For Mobile Web App Design

The advancements of smartphones have improved the quality of mobile web development. It is now possible to generate entire webapps using...
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Responsive Liquid-Matrix Design – Download

Build your sites with clean, semantic HTML5. Design once for all browsers and devices, progressively enhance your designs with CSS3, create...
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The Important White Space

The white space is probably one of the most important things in web design representing elegance, better readability and the most...
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