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Ten Ways Users Can Save Money With Smartphone

Smartphone can be an ideal tool to save money, although this may sound counterintuitive to users who are often troubled with...
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Two Simple Things to Consider Before We Buy a New Smartphone

Many users purchase smartphones without a consideration on longevity. They use these mobile gadgets less than two years and then leave them...
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Eight Things Apple Should Do to Beat Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung introduced a couple of Galaxy Tab S models, one with 10.5-inch display and another with 8.4-inch display. They are available...
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Remain Connected With Your iPhone

Among the many qualities that people want when they buy a cell phone is ease of use. They would like to...
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Unlocking your iPhone — Is It A Good Idea?

We all have heard you could use another SIM in it about unlocking your iPhone. This may be recommended in particular...
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Texting and the iPhone

Text messaging, IM, e-mail and cell phones are an essential part of daily life. This is where the iPhone and texting...
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