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10 Nice Looking Fonts Both For Projects And Design

Typography is the other half of web design importance, finding the right fonts both for the looks and functionality isn’t quite an easy job to do. It looks like an easy thing but, it needs a little bit more experience, spending time in researching can be a pain in the you know what. That’s why we created this mixed list.


Core Sans M

Our first choice is Core Sans M and it is a part from family of 56 fonts and its not free, anyway we included this font because its very good font and whenever you decide to buy fonts, you may consider this font.


Visit Font Web Site

Geo Sans Light

Nice thin looking sleek font easy on the eye.


Download Font


Quicksand webfont kit with 7 fonts in different types like Quicksand Light, Quicksand Light Oblique, Quicksand Book and more.


Download Webfont Kit


Very interesting font specially for titles or other highlights.


Download Rex Font

The Kabel Font

Very useful when creating neon lights and other interesting presentation ideas but not useful for long text.


Download Kabel Font


The famous Bebas font is a must in this kind of lists. Most used for titles and menus and does not get old 😀


Download Bebas Font


Another nice font useful for titles.


Download ChunkFive Font


Useful for long text, easy on the eye.


Download Colaborate Webfont Kit

Opticon One

We included this font because looks nice even when is tiny sized, useful for titles, sub titles and recommended for short text.


Download Opticon One Font


Simply nice looking logo font


Download Lobster Webfont Kit

Next, we are going to crate a list with creative fonts for your graphic designs and logos 😀

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