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Stockholm — the city on fourteen hills

Sweden kingdom’s capital city is Stockholm. There are a lot of citizens think that it is most beautiful capital city in the planet. This city was formed during eight centuries. But the journey at Stockholm starts by Old Town (Gamla Stan) with the royal Palace those were established in the Middle Ages.

In Stockholm you can meet attractions from all historical ages. You can make journey from the middle Ages to the era of great power of Kingdom (17 -18 centuries), and go ahead to the industrialization’s ages (the time in the middle of 19 and 20 centuries), and next the model state in 20 age. And then you can come to the modern dynamic city.

Stockholm — the city on fourteen hills

Stockholm has earned a reputation of leader in progress and innovation. Stockholm is the area such like the environmental consciousness, technology and communication.

The Swedes are very proud of their Stockholm, that city has advantages and resources of the modern metropolis but it has not bad influences of our progressive time. That city takes good place with its restaurants, shops, museums, bars and night clubs if somebody likes to compare Stockholm with any cities.

The creative space in Stockholm gives to everybody ability for to work in fashion, arts, design, gastronomy and other creative jobs. Stockholm has two energy creative poles of cultural life and entertainment. First pole is on Stuperlan and Norrmalm squares, the city centre, and the aristocratic district Östermalm.

Second pole is an experimental and bohemian SoFo, which is located on Södermalm district, around Nytorget square and on the south of Folkungagatan Street. Stockholm is unique place there you can see how the exquisite architecture connected with the nature. There is national park Nationalstadsparken is placed in town centre.

The city embankment was made not only for walking, here you are able to enjoy with boating at summer and skating at winter. The water is so clean that you can swimming here and eat the fishes that were fished in town center’s water. Stockholm is the city where you are able to enjoy active sports in open air.

There is nothing same city in the world.

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