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New Insight, Flipping Websites !

I’m going to introduce you on this subject in case you got any website and want to sell it. I will present some of the best approach for selling your website, whether is a blog, magazine, e-shop e.t.c.


1. What is the best place for listing your website ?

I must say, based on many people i have encountered and from personal experience, the best place for your website to be listed is:

First of all, the people at bizbroker24.com are very helpful in every possible way you can imagine. From 1st step to the last. They will talk to you all the time and providing you with insights on how your site is progressing and what you need to do if something is not going well.

Unlike flippa.com which is auction bidding system where potential buyers if any, are bidding for your site and the highest bid wins if reserved price is reached. If you not manage to sell your site at flippa.com, you are already $29 down if your site is established and you got the basic listing fee. It has some good sides too like they accept new websites, if you got new one.

bizbroker24.com listing is free…

2. Minimal key features to sell your site very easy

  • Established Google Analytics
  • Alexa Global Rank Under 100.000 ( Certified Metrics If Possible )
  • Revenue Is Essential In Getting a Good Price
  • Above 300 Quality Backlinks
  • Quality Traffic, Organic Is Best
  • Above 50,000 Pageviews
  • Well Designed & Developed
  • It Would Be Great If Minimum Traffic Is Above 30% From USA

That’s all you need to know for now to begin, in our next post about website flipping I’m going to list all possible resources for listing your website !

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