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A look at: ghost blogging platform

WordPress is worlds most popular CMS. Currently WordPress powers 20% websites on the planet it means every 5th websites is using...
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A look at google web designer

If you follow Google’s development close enough, you probably know about this but if you don’t, the giant search engine company...
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5 Key Concepts For Mobile Web Design Design In 2013

In July 2012, there were already 6 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide. That’s 87% of the entire world’s population. In December 2012,...
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Increase Pageviews and Bounce Rate WordPress

When starting out, most bloggers believe that it is super hard to get people to your blog. Whereas most expert bloggers...
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Little Guide To WordPress Security

Some basic stuff you need to do in order to secure WordPress. Now, you got plenty of other security stuff like...
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A first look at uikit – a new front-end framework

Recently a new modular front-end framework has been released that is well worth mentioning. Simply called UIkit, it is a lightweight...
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