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20 myths about Sweden

True or myths about Sweden? What people from many countries think about Sweden? Today we will answer.

1. Wilderness! Yes, there is 2/3 of the country occupied with the forest, lakes and other wild places. It is too hard to find same country.

2. Cold. Yes and No. Of course, the winters are cold and long, but the Swedish like changing the seasons.

3. Stockholm. There are a lot of people from many countries think that the capital city on this kingdom is most beautiful place in the world.

4. The most expensive country. Earlier it was so, but now this is the country with reasonable prices.

5. The snow! Yes, there is a lot of snow in winter and everybody can do all winter sports in Sweden.

6. The Hospitality and benevolence of the Swedish. That’s true.

7. The forest. Yes, the most part of Sweden is covered with the woods. Woods are wealth of Sweden. They adore their woods.

8. The peace and silence. These are very important things in Swedish life.

9. The Cheap country. Yes, really, many things are cheaper here.

10. The lakes. Yes, everywhere in Sweden you will have enjoyed if you visit the beautiful lakes, especially at sunset. Sweden has 9 million people and has 520.000 likes.

20 myths about Sweden

11. There are many empty spaces and long distance. Yes and no. Sweden is one of many countries there nature takes big place in its live. But the cities are so convenient for living and visiting because the transportation systems are very well built.

12. The beauty of country. Yes. It is strange but Sweden fascinates everybody with its beauty and magic!

13. IKEA. This is the world famous giant of home design. It have made revolution in living design, and made huge influence on live of many people. His “sister” H&M was established in same year, have made also big influence on fashion world.

14. The Mountains. Yes, Endless Mountains and huge distances are located on the north-west of Sweden. The Swedish are proud of their Mountains.

15. The fiord. Yes, sure, there are some fiords on the west coast, but not so many as in Norway.

16. This is the good country for the rest. It is true.

17. The Sweden culture. There are Strinberg, Nobel, Greta Garbo, Ingmar and Ingrid Bergman, ABBA, Stig Larsson. They are just some of the world famous Swedish people.

18. The ski. The Swedish very like to ski, cross-country skis, downhill skis, alpine skis and other same sports. Here everybody can find what he likes in Sweden.

19. The blonds. Yes and no. There are many people with light hairs, but in Sweden live a lot of people those came here from many countries. They are not native people here.

20. The cleanness. The Swedish work hard for to keep their country clean and make it comfortable.

When you come to Sweden you find other interesting things. That’s iu about 20 myths about Sweden!

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